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Whether you are a small start-up or an established organization, food safety audits, inspections, and regulations are time consuming and challenging. Let SCS food safety and quality professionals help you navigate the multitude of regulatory, industry and customer requirements necessary to achieve and maintain your certifications.

With SCS Consulting, you are in good hands.

Why Choose SCS as Your Food Safety Partner

SCS Consulting offers services tailored to fit your needs. The SCS consulting team has over 30 years of extensive food safety and quality knowledge, application, and expertise working with all sectors of the food industry from primary producers to food retailers. Our consultants are true industry experts and work closely with you to deliver results at a superior level. We offer a range of services to assist you in meeting customer and regulatory requirements and much more.

Meet the Expert and Leader in Food Safety and Quality

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    Heena Patel

    Director, Food Safety Consulting and Technical Services

"SCS Food Safety Consulting did a wonderful job helping us create all the procedures and explaining how to put these procedures into practice. The team helped us create all the forms we needed to maintain our records to comply with the regulations. They put in all the effort and more to complete this project successfully."

Angie Cerrato | PA Growers

"SCS Food Safety Consulting helped us build a food safety program that we are happy, comfortable, and confident with. Heena was great to work with and a very great instructor. We liked the way she taught us and shared her knowledge. We look forward to working with the team in the future."

Heather Le | AVI Entrust Corp.

"When you need a food safety plan done right, you need to call SCS Consulting Services. We contacted SCS Consulting Services with an aggressive timeline to help us establish a food safety plan and prepare for a GMP audit within 2 months. Heena's professionalism shone through at each step, and she was always optimistic and supportive. We felt that we were on solid ground with Heena in our corner, especially given how detail-oriented she was with the content of each document she drafted. Heena prepared us extremely well for our audit, and when the big day came, we had no problems passing the audit. The best thing we did for our GMP audit was to call Heena first."

Joey Tran | General Counsel & Co-Founder, Francium Chocolate, Inc.

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