Verifikasi Kayu & Serat Salvaged

Verifikasi Lingkungan dan Hukum Kayu Salvaged & Serat

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SCS offers independent verification to the Salvaged Wood and Fiber Standard to help recognize, evaluate, and certify good practices for salvaged wood and other plant-based material that would otherwise be wasted.

The standard is for companies that wishes to sell forest or agricultural-based products that are traditionally neglected or discarded such as fire-killed wood, insect-killed wood, urban wood, orchard waste, aquatic salvage, and more. Verification can be used for recovered materials such as wooden beads, barndoors, driftwood, wheat, corn husks, rope, baskets, dried water hyacinth, and textiles. This allows organizations to objectively demonstrate that the salvaged products are following legal and responsible environmental practices.

Verification to this standard helps organizations meet consumer and stakeholder demand for transparency and accurate claims in the marketplace. It expands their ability to broaden the market for responsible materials that are otherwise wasted. This standard was developed by SCS to reduce pressures on natural forests and other sensitive environments while striving to meet ever-increasing human demands for wood and other plant-based products.

For verification, companies must adhere to the five principles of the standard, which include system maintenance to classify products, proper authorizations to conduct business, legal right to salvaged wood resources, compliance with local and national laws, and implementation of a quality system.

Why SCS Global Services?

As experts in the sustainability sector, we have decades of experience across forestry, agricultural and environmental certifications. We aim to help businesses of all sizes to achieve certification for gaining a competitive edge within niche markets. Our clients trust in us to help them demonstrate claims for products and corporate sustainability efforts. We offer services and certifications for a range of social, environmental, and economic issues, such as SMETA, Fair Trade USA, responsible forestry, carbon neutral, recycled content and much more.

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Verifikasi SCS Salvaged Wood & Fiber tersedia untuk semua perusahaan yang ingin membuat klaim produk sehubungan dengan pemulihan kayu dan sumber daya biomaterial selulotik kualifikasi lainnya yang ditentukan telah ditinggalkan (yaitu, tidak digunakan). Perusahaan yang menggunakan sumber daya biomaterial kayu atau selulosa yang diselamatkan dari salah satu sumber berikut memenuhi syarat untuk sertifikasi ini:

  • Bahan pasca-konsumen direklamasi
  • Bahan pra-konsumen yang direklamasi
  • Kayu perkotaan
  • Bahan limbah pertanian
  • Air Liur Diselamatkan
  • Mati di bawah kayu
  • Kayu yang dibunuh api
  • Kehutanan Diselamatkan
  • Kayu yang dibunuh serangga
  • Limbah kebun buah
  • Bahan limbah silvikultural

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